Sunday, 31 January 2010

Vintage Russian Thinline Bass
We've not looked at any basses recently on Guitarz, so I thought it was high time we tried redressing the balance a little. I find myself looking more and more at semi-hollowbody and thinline basses. There is something very elegant about the design that lends itself quite nicely to the bass, giving it a distinct retro look.

The Russian-built thinline bass we see pictured here has been listed and re-listed on eBay several times over the last month or so. It's certainly a very intriguing looking instrument; whether it's really worth the Buy It Now price of £450, I couldn't comment with any authority, other than to say that my gut instinct is that perhaps the seller is being a tad optimistic. Having said that, the seller claims that it plays well, has a low action, and sounds great either plugged-in or acoustically (which can't be said for all thinlines).

The bass is absolutely huge, and the body is - unusually for a thinline - constructed from fibreglass. One of the features that really stands out for me is the size of the f-holes. Have you ever seen such fat f-holes?

G L Wilson

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  1. i have this exact guitar can anyone tell me about it, the only label on it is inside and it's in Russian.....



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