Wednesday, 14 April 2010

modified Eko 500 V4 Gold


Just another Italian vintage guitar you will say.
But look closer, this Eko 500 V4 Gold (or Champagne) has been upgraded from its regular 4 pickups to 5, with 5 knobs and 6 switches - enough to pilot a small plane (and you can see that this was done in Germany, since the modifier carefully indicated ein/aus on each switches to be sure that the player would not make a mistake).

I'm so used to read on forums about people putting new high-tech high-end pickups from revered brands (that cost the price of my last guitar) on deluxe guitars that I'm curious about what's behind this vintage upgrading: what did the central single coil pickup bring to this guitar?).

(BTW, for those you want to know, I tried my new old Musima Eterna on a good Marshall amp, it confirms that the clear sound is nice and rich and the distorted sound very blur, and the output level is twice the one of my Jaguar HH - that is probably related so I have to change this, have to figure how).


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