Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fret King Esprit series
As a post script to Bertam's various recent posts on Firebird and Thunderbird guitars and basses (Gibson and otherwise), I am again posting this photograph (from my report on last year's London International Music Show) which features Fret King Esprit guitars and bass. Designed by Trev Wilkinson, these guitars owe more than a passing nod to the Gibson Firebird and Thunderbird design.

The bass pictured is designated the Fret King Esprit 4, whereas the guitars are an Esprit 3 with three P90s and an Esprit 5 with dual humbuckers. These are all part of Fret King's more budget conscious Blue Label series wich are built in the Far East, whereas the premium Green Label series are built in the UK.

G L Wilson

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