Monday, 19 April 2010

Pop-art Rickenbacker 330 - just like Paul Weller's
Neal Davies writes:
Hey there,

Just saw your post about Paul Weller's "Whaam!" Rickenbacker 330 and thought you'd like to see my copy of it.

I came across it (literally stumbled across it) a couple of years ago on eBay. The artist who created it is called David Arcadian. He runs a company called Rockstar Interiors who do high-end interior design ( for clients including Evander Holyfield!

Like me, he's a Brit and a fan of The Jam. He's also a collector of Rickenbacker guitars. I asked him why he decided to copy Weller's legendary 330 and he said: "I had to. I couldnt find one to buy for love or money. That one you have I believe was number 3. Completely unique on red. Loved the result. Natural flow, instead of rudely abbreviated when everything ran to black, like on Weller's." (This alludes to the point that the original was Jetglo and the Lichtenstein ended up with a stark black frame. This one was originally red). Its so beautiful even my wife didnt complain when I brought it home!

Thought you'd like to see it.


Thanks Neal. You are correct in thinking we'd want to see your guitar. In fact we NEED to see guitars like these. It's what the blog is all about.

I'd heard that Weller's original was just about unplayable. I hope that yours functions as it should. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

G L Wilson

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