Wednesday, 21 April 2010

50s flat-top hollow-body brand-less guitar

brandless flat top semi-hollow

The old floor again, with a matching vintage hollow-body jazz guitar in natural finish.
I can't identify this guitar, it is quite simple compared to the German jazz guitars of the time but the headstock doesn't remind me of any famous American brands... This is much probably a vintage custom - the natural finish looks to me like the original paint finish has been sanded off but the flat top can also mean it's an handmade one-off. Anyway the added P90 pickup says that it's originally an acoustic guitar and then I'm quite out of my field...

Any ideas?

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  1. This sure looks like my Cort Jim Triggs hollow-body!

  2. It's a late 70s Bulgarian-made "Orfeus".
    A cheap laminated body flattop.
    Added pickup, an adjustable bridge and changed finish.
    Here's the original



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