Friday, 2 April 2010

Kawai Aquarius AQ 305

Kawai Aquarius AQ305

On eBay, this rarely seen Kawai Aquarius AQ 305 guitar is sold as a rare 60s custom model, that is utterly absurd and obviously untrue if you just look at the one uncovered humbucker in bridge position, typical of shredding guitars of the 80s. They also mention the switch that is of course useless on a one pickup guitar, unless it's a splitable humbucker like it is the case on Aquarius guitars.

And anyway the Aquarius is an early 80s model (the AQ305 is a later version of 1984 with a modified really 80s headstock design), something you can check on the ultimate Kawai Aquarius blog (this blog would be a little more ultimate with the always expected contributions of Aquarius lovers - and the blog is mine of course!).

Anyway this guitar is beautiful and modest, and the absence of the neck pickup changes a lot its line and makes it look super dynamic - I love it!


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  1. I have an AQ-305 black with the other shaped headstock. The guitar plays well but the body wood is disintegrating. I changed the pickups to TV Jones Powertron and replaced the wiring; although a technician at Guitar Center lost the pushbutton toggle. Nonetheless, it still sounds awesome.

    original look:




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