Saturday, 10 April 2010

a Wandre Oval on the front page of today's French newspaper Libération

Libé Wandre
To our American readers: don't look at the picture on the right, there is an exposed nipple!

Here at the Guitar Blog he highly appreciate Wandre guitars, so any opportunity to show one is to be taken. 
Today I was surprised to see a Wandre Oval - one of the most radical model of this hyper creative luthier - in the hands of a half-topless model recalling Delacroix's famous 'Liberty leading the people', illustrating an article about French artists' protest against the lowering of public subsidies (you have to know that there are no private funding for arts in France, no foundations or so, so everybody is dependent on State).

I have no idea why some photographer chose a late 50s Italian guitar to express today's French art, unless it just means that nothing better has been done since...

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