Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Brua semi-solid headless guitar

Here's an interesting guitar being sold by a French seller on eBay. Now, my French is not very good but Bertram tells me that the listing says:
Incredible guitar made by Pierrick BRUA, who is a great French luthier. The shape and comfort are amazing and the woods are beautiful. The string block system allows mounting any string gauge - here 12-52 flat wound strings. It is very versatile and is suitable for all styles. Mini switches allow multiple sound combinations. The body is semi-hollow and gives much sustain. The guitar is perfect for guitarists who travel and who always want to have the best sound anywhere. Those who know KLEIN guitars and especially their demented prices will understand the value of this guitar.
This looks to be a one-off guitar from another guy who isn't afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with guitar design.

Perrick Brua seems to mainly concentrate on Jazz guitars, and has some very interesting and attractive examples on dislay at his website. His Millenium jazzer is particularly eye-catching.

G L Wilson

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