Monday, 5 April 2010

Danelectro U2 Resophonic

The seller of this Danelectro U2 resophonic guitar says that:
"Don't know too much about it but when I took it in to my local music shop they were fascinated by it. Said it was unusual to see a resonator on these guitars and that they were not cheap."
Yes, it is unusual indeed to see a resonator version of this guitar. These were not stock. I had a friend several years ago who had one just like this, and it was my understanding that a number of these Korean-made EVETS corporation Danelectro reiussues from the late 1990s were in fact modified into resonators by Holiday Music in Leytonstone, London.

As well as the original neck lipstick pickup, the guitar also has a piezo pickup fitted beneath the resonator cone allowing the electric and acoustic properties to be mixed. Note the re-located position of the controls on the upper part of the body. I don't suppose there was space left for them anywhere else.

By the way, my friend reported that it sounded fantastic.

G L Wilson

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