Monday, 12 April 2010

Steel-bodied thinline "Teletubby" guitar
Chris writes:

I really like your blog and I check it very often. I love how you showcase the really different stuff out there. I thought you might want to showcase a guitar I built myself. It's a telecaster style guitar- I call it the "Teletubby" because of the bigger bottom end that I added to the Telecaster design. It's a steel hollowbody with an f-hole. I built it with a aluminum neck block and bridge block that is tied together via a welded aluminum bar. It aslo has a Merle Haggard Thinline style pickguard in aluminum. Its a string through body (the strings pass throught the aluminum bridge block) - Vintage Fender bridge and bridge pickup and a Seymour Duncan Jazz humbucker in the neck. Standard Tele wiring.

-Chris Hamilton
Thanks Chris! I've got to say I'm really envious of anyone that can build impressive stuff like that. I'm so impractical, I could never achieve even a fraction of a build like this. Great photos too - thanks for sharing!

I like the design. To my eyes, it's like a Thinline Tele crossed with a 335-style hollowbody. Would love to know how it sounds!

Keep your unusual and one-off guitars coming in, everyone! We love to feature them here on Guitarz.

G L Wilson

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