Sunday, 18 April 2010

Reverend Rocco in Bugeye aluminium finish

reverend bizarro

Reverend is a very interesting small guitar company with an already rich history for its only 15 years of existence, during which they released several models, with many variations in gears, electronics, materials and finishes.

Here is a 2000 Reverend Rocco, from the composite guitars / made in USA era, a rare model since only 50 were issued with this astonishing metallic finish. I like its early Reverend signature shape, the art deco pickguard and the metal armrest (the sides of the guitar are made of plastic, it makes sense)... This guitar has a kind of neo-German feel, like a US answer to Duesenberg, and you know how much I appreciate Duesenberg guitars... Anyway, I (like always) prefer it with chrome covered humbuckers.

The white finish / black pickguard version of the early Reverends is pure beauty as seen on this Commando model (see also previous post!)

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