Sunday, 4 April 2010

1991 Gibson Celebrity Firebird V

Gibson Firebird V Celebrity

So here comes the Firebird series... Some people have been saying that I'm too easy with the Gibson bashing, but I'm convinced that Gibson issued alone a third of the best guitar models in the history of electric guitar - I just regret that they stopped creating new models a few decades ago, because we'd need them to keep pulling up... 

Anyway, this is a 1991 Gibson Celebrity Firebird V, a limited edition of 200 with black finish and gold hardware - the only black Firebirds ever (black is necessary, for me it's the standard finish)... Like me you realise that the only variations in the Firebirds are about the color, because strangely this model didn't have such a great legacy as the Flying-V or the Explorer did - not to mention the ES-335 or the Les Paul (you still have the Robin Fleetwood or the Fret-King Esprit). So apart from the reverse/non-reverse thing back in the mid-60s, the number of pickups and the trem, a Firebird is a Firebird - if someone has an idea why, please share...

I understand better how this can happen, because if you want a fancy Firebird, you need to do it yourself...

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