Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Check out the wiring on this crazy metal guitar

Guitarz reader Elad found this metal guitar on eBay. He writes:
This was offered on eBay with a start price of 99.99$, gained some bids, but then ended early by the seller for an unknown reason.
Even though it is hollow with the body made in two halves (and hinged so it can be opened up!), it looks to be pretty chunky. I sure hope that it's made of aluminium and not anything even heavier! And just check out all that wiring inside. That looks like it would be a nightmare to sort out. It appears there's a series of LEDs around the top and sides of the guitar so I guess it has a built-in "light show" of sorts. The trem arm is a pretty unique shape too - looks like it might double as a bottle opener.

See more, bigger photos, etc, over at Elad's blog TonePedia.

G L Wilson

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