Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Daisy Rock Powerpuff Girls Heartbreaker guitar


We were looking at heart-shaped guitars here on Guitarz last week, and here's another that you may have seen before, the Heartbreaker from girl guitar company Daisy Rock.

This particular example is one of the company's earliest models, the Daisy Rock Powerpuff Girls-edition Heartbreaker and is one of a limited edition of 100. These early Daisy Rocks were actually made by Schecter Guitars, Daisy Rock founder Tish Ciravolo being married to Michael Ciravolo, the President of Schecter Guitar Research, and who gave a helping hand in the early days of the company being set up. As you'd expect, production soon after shifted to the Far East.

G L Wilson

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  1. I have one that is the Schecter model (1 of 100) and its actually a great player in excellent shape. Not a scratch. The quality is exceptional, and the graphics are great. Wish i could share some pix.

    1. You can send pics to me at gavinlloydwilson@yahoo.com



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