Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Framus Hollywood 5/132 vintage guitar from 1962
This Framus Hollywood 5/132 is currently being offered for sale on a French website with a price of €800.

The Hollywood model dates back to 1958. Although often referred to as a solidbody, the body construction is of plywood top and back glued onto a frame with a solid centre section (I'm reminded of the construction of Danelectro guitars, although with better materials). There were several models with one, two or three pickups, and with a choice of single or double cutaways. The example we see here, the 5/132 has three pickups but is sadly lacking its original tremolo (see here to see what it would have originally looked like).

The modern-day resurrected Framus company (which is subsiduary of Warwick, makers of fine German basses) has recently reissued several Hollywood models which are faithful to the originals in looks and construction (see website) but which thankfully have rejected the antiquated 5-pin DIN output in favour of the more usual jack socket.

Thanks to Dirk Lubbe who brought the above-pictured guitar to my attention.

G L Wilson

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