Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Yamaha SG-3 - it's cool enough to look at again!
Yesterday here on Guitarz we took a second look at David's idea of the "Coolest Guitar Ever Built", and today we're taking another look at my own choice of guitar for that title. Dating from 1966-67, this is an original Japanese-built Yamaha SG-3, one of that company's very first solidbody electrics. It's obviously Yamaha's answer to the Fender Jazzmaster, but is not a straight copy and is all the more desirable for being different.

One interesting feature about this guitar that you may not know is that the truss rod is accessed from the back of the body with an access hole beneath what appears to be the neck plate but is actually a cover.

I've spoken about these guitars before - as regular readers will know, I am lucky enough to own a sunburst SG-3 - but they rarely become available for sale and seeing that this beautiful red example is being offered for sale on eBay Australia with a Buy It Now price of AU $2,200 (Australian dollars), I felt I just had to tell you. Believe me, if I had the money, I'd hit that Buy It Now myself and tell you all about it afterwards. And I already own one! I really think these guitars are that good. If you can find one.

Check out also this post on the forum which details a replica SG-3 project build and demonstrates nicely the extraordinairy lengths some people will go to get one of these guitars.

G L Wilson

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