Saturday, 14 May 2011

Carvin #3-SGB from 1957
Here's a Carvin #3-SGB (at least, I think #3-SGB is the model designation) from 1957. It's a slab-bodied electric guitar with a bolt-on neck, 6-a-side headstock. Hmmmm... we're scratching our heads here at Guitarz wondering where they got that idea from.

The guitar was made in Covina, California, and has a natural finish on a maple body, with maple neck and rosewood fingerboard.

At least it doesn't have a silly Buy It Now price on it, like some guitars of this vintage. With Carvin's reputation it should be a quality instrument, so long as it's survived the years in good condition. It might be an interesting one to bid on if you're after something a little different.

More information here.

With thanks to Al in Crosby TX USA.

G L Wilson

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