Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fender doubleneck Frankenstein oddity

I only just saw this auction for a Fender Doubleneck mystery guitar on eBay late last night, and this morning it has finished and the item has sold. Someone has either gotten their hands on a very unusual Fender prototype doubleneck circa 1967, or else a Frankenstein job created from Fender parts by persons unknown. If it's the former, that could have been the bargain of a lifetime for the final selling price of $646.76.

So, it has a DuoSonic/Mustang style body, and two Fender Coronado necks with the 12-string being in the lower position. The shorter 6-string neck (were Coronado 6-strings of a shorter scale than their 12-string siblings?) has had its headstock re-shaped so as to make way for the 12-string tuning machines on the neck next to it.

One of the necks is marked "R&D" - Research and Development? It does indeed look like a genuine Fender prototype even if it is made from spare parts, but there's no way of qualifying this unless some former Fender employee was to step forward and identify it.

Still, it's an interesting one and well worth a look at here on Guitarz.

G L Wilson

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