Sunday, 21 February 2010

1959 Framus Tenor Thinline 'Peter Kraus'

tenor framus thinline

Tenor guitars are in the air... Just found another one, a coolissima Framus Peter Kraus Thinline (actually it's nowhere called a tenor guitar, it has 4 strings and a small body but the scale is not mentioned)...

Peter Kraus was (apparently) the first German rockstar from back in the 50s, and this is one of his early signature models, you can learn more about him (like I just did) here and here.


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  1. Hi, have one of these in flame red and gold 4 string tenor numbered B59 in flight case, any interest?

  2. Hi, have one of these in red and gold numbered B59 4 string Tenor semi acoustic in flight case, any interest?

  3. Badger bass, do you still have that Framus Temor? I'd love to talk to you if so. Thanks



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