Sunday, 14 February 2010

Seeing as it's (St) Valentine's Day...
Anyone who knows me will know how cynical I am about days like these - "Valentines Day" (sic) - which are a modern media-controlled corruption of an old folk tradition. Saint Valentine's Day (to give it its correct title) used to be all about a sending anonymous cards and gifts to someone that you secretly admired, but now it's just another corporate extolled greed-fest, the sole aim of which is to spend spend spend to show your loved one that you really can be romantic at least one day out of 365.

Sorry, I went off onto a bit of a rant there.

But, despite such cynicism, the above guitar is too good to miss out on, because today of all days it is topical. It's another of Maccaferri's wonderful plastic guitars, this model being called The Romancer. These guitars were originally produced in 1953 and - despite their toy-like appearance - were intended as serious highly-functional instruments. I expect that with this particular model you were encouraged to serenade your loved one, as depicted in the images on its top.

Read more about Macceferri's plastic guitars and ukuleles here.

G L Wilson

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