Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hagstrom/Goya - blue glitter, pearloid and perspex
This early 1960s' blue glitter-topped Hagstrom bears the Goya brandname as it is an example of this guitar that was produced for the US market. I believe it's a Deluxe EDP 80 as used by Bryan Ferry in Roxy Music, but the exact names and model numbers can be confusing.

All the quirky features are there: the metal plate surrounding the pickups; the pushbutton selector switches; the radio-style grill between the pickups; the perspex fingerboard and headstock with pearloid backing. Although you can't see it in the photos here, the back and sides are also finished in pearloid. It's definitely a guitar that makes a statement!

This guitar is one of the 500 listed in the "500 Guitars" book, but alas the publisher was unable to turn up a photo of it, so I'm making up for it here!

G L Wilson

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