Friday, 12 February 2010

Roberts Tezuka

I've had an email from Vaughn who asks if I am aware of Roberts Guitars, a small company producing original quality guitars right here in the UK, in Bristol, to be precise.

Well, yes, I am aware of them and have been meaning to feature them on this blog for a very long time. I'm always very keen to feature our own "home-grown" guitars if I am able.

Pictured above is Vaughn's own Roberts Tezuka. He writes that:
"Its got different pickups than the majority of the ones they made - I wanted more vintagey pickups and Roberts obliged.

The finish is described as "burnt chocolate matt" and the pictures don't do it justice... got a really nice sheen to it. The guitar weighs more than a Les Paul but I find it comfortable enough for prolonged playing and the density adds to the tone and sustain considerably."
It certainly is a looker! The Tezuka features a hand-cut hand-finished body of solid ash (alder is also available) married to a set-neck of maple topped by an ebony fingerboard with hand inlaid custom markers. The headstock is topped with walnut and features Roberts' own fine tune machine heads. Pickups would ordinarily be Roberts' custom-wound Z2 Power Pro split rails; however it's nice to know that they were happy to oblige with the request for vintage pickups instead. Electrics comprise two volumes, one tone and a three-way selector switch, with a coiltap being offered as an option.

G L Wilson

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