Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tony Paris Pentachord with 30 strings

When I first saw this instrument listed in the guitars section of eBay I mistook it for a hammer dulcimer, and thought that the seller must had been listed it in the wrong section. But on closer inspection, it is indeed a relative of the guitar.

Apparently it is a Pentachord, manufactured by Tony Paris. It has five sets of six strings - equivalent to five guitars. From what I can work out each bank of strings can be tuned to an open chord. The movable nut for each bank of strings allows for further chord options.

I guess you could set this up for each of the chords you'd require for a particular song (depending on the number of chords in the song, of course) and strum along on the relevant bank of strings as and when required. If a song has more than five chords, it might be possible to effect a quick chord change on the fly by moving one of the movable nuts.

G L Wilson

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