Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ibanez PM100 Pat Metheny Signature

Ibanez Pat Metheny

I love this guitar! I'm happy to show here the guitar that Ibanez designed for Pat Metheny (the PM100 is the model with only a neck pickup - the one that Metheny uses - there is also a PM120 with 2 HB)... It always works when you take a classic shape and twist it slightly, and here the result is beautiful and edgy... And the beauty being always enhanced by ergonomics, the upper cutaway is not only providing a nice aggressive look to the guitar, but is really functional.

Metheny being a very eclectic musician, like everybody I only like one part of his work, but I really like it, even if it's just one album; I still remember when 'Zero Tolerance for Silence' was released, I couldn't believe that I was buying something from this elevator music player but the album was a strong statement for many experimental guitar music lovers (it was before this guitar was issued in 1996 though, so this consideration is not related to the beginning of the post).

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