Monday, 15 February 2010

Aria Pro II Urchin U70

On the post about the Vigier Marilyn, a comment accurately pointed its ressemblance with the Aria Urchin, a guitar that I didn't know, so I googled it and here it is, and indeed they belong to the same family (I even prefer this one, a little bit more psychedelic than metal, just imagine it in glitter purple finish). Can't tell which one came first but they are both early 80s and sometimes ideas are just in the air...

This reminded me than when I got my first guitar kfgwx years ago, Aria Pro II were everywhere and it was considered a quite serious brand at a time Japanese guitars were really looked down at. There was also pedals and stuff and I still use the Aria power supplies I bought then, probably the most vintage parts of my material, and still valiant! But now I had to check if the company still exists (it does) because I never hear about them any more...
Anyway, here is a German website about Matsumoku guitars (Aria, Hondo, Westone...) and other pointy babes, no English though but many pictures...


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