Friday, 19 February 2010

1973 Jolana Iris Thinline

Jolana Tele Thinline

A strangely amorphous telecaster thinline, like a copy made by someone who vaguely looked at a picture of the original but never saw the real thing, this Jolana Iris has cool details, like the rails pickups, the very European trem system and the oversize knob plate.

Jolana seems to be the best brand of communist eastern-Europe guitars, but though I try very hard, I still couldn't buy one of these vintage euro-babes to check their sound, and now some US guitar magazine just makes its cover with them so the all market will be spoiled any moment (I missed a Formanta at 170€ last month and just saw one at 400€ on an e-shop, and they have a very bad reputation!)

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  1. I have different guitars Jolana Musima and Orfeus. All are vintage guitars. All for sale. contact me om email

  2. hello , how much this guitar iris ? greetings from mexico

  3. Most important Jolana Iris pic ever taken is right here:

  4. how much this guitar iris ? Montenegro / ex Yougoslavia :)

  5. how much this guitar iris ? I am from Montenegro ex Yougoslavia



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