Sunday, 7 February 2010

A vintage Kent-brand solidbody electric
An anonymous Guitarz reader writes:
Here are two snapshots of my old Kent guitar.

I acquired this circa 1995 at a ramshackle roadside shop in rural Georgia (USA), whose sign advertised "APPLIANCES - GUITARS". The place was full of beat-up used stoves and refrigerators, but there was only one guitar for sale, this Kent, which I purchased for fifty dollars, not a low price, but I couldn't bargain him down.

Note the stylized V and T on the volume and tone knobs. The movable plastic bridge is held in place by string tension, like that of an archtop guitar. The wear pattern on the aluminum pickguard indicates that someone played it a lot. It's basically a toy, but its amplified tone is clear and twangy.
Kent was a US-brandname for guitars imported in from Japan and Korea in the 1960s. Most were produced by Teisco and Guyatone, although later on the Kent name started appearing on Swedish-made Hagstrom guitars produced for the US market.

G L Wilson

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  1. All guitars are beasically toys, this is a great guitar, I own one and the single pup is raging like a p-90, neck is very comfy and I used it for many gigs, this guitar stays in tune and is light weight, ergonomic... nothing to envy a fender mustang!



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