Thursday, 4 February 2010

I think it's high time we had a Quiz...

We've not had a quiz for quite a while, so I thought it was about time.

It's quite simple - just identify the thing here in the photo.

And yes, it is relevant to the topic of this blog.

Answers in the comments please. There's no prize except for the warm feeling you'll get inside for knowing the right answer. (Actually, I'd love to give away prizes if any corporate PR types are looking in and would like to donate some. Hint hint!)

G L Wilson

NB: Please make sure you are reading this Guitarz post at and not on a Scraper blog that copies posts without permission (and steals bandwidth) so as to profit from advertising. Please support original bloggers!


  1. I just found this post which is two years old and no one even guessed. Could you post the answer at this point? Now I'm curious

    1. Sorry - we DID have a lot of answers in the comments, but unfortunately lost those when we updated the blog template which no longer seemed to support the Echo commenting system (and which Echo themselves had discontinued). I was left with no alternative but to switch to Blogger's own comments.

      ANYWAY, the answer to this quiz is here:

      (sorry, these stupid Blogger comments don't give hyperlinks - you'll need to copy and paste that)



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