Monday, 8 February 2010

Montana Custom Leathercaster

Have you noticed that if there was ever one type of guitar that is consistently chosen for the covered-in-leather treatment - be it partially or whole-body - then it's the Tele? It must be something to do with the country and western association that this particular guitar has.

This alder-bodied Montana Leathercaster T-type guitar not only has a hand-tooled leather pickguard, but it also features a skull and crossbones and a liberal dose of nickel skull studs and a pair of skull-topped control knobs, and as such will appeal not only to the C&W crowd but also to the type of people that like lots of skull emblems all over the place.

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G L Wilson

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  1. I also have a Montana Leathercaster Custom. Mine is a Strat style with celtic knot leather pick guard and matching strap, bought from the maker who used to run a small guitar shop in Dumfries. He made a few special guitars. The shop is closed and the old website is closed down.



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