Saturday, 13 February 2010

Eastwood Airline with Jaguar trem

eastwood airline

I said this already here: some don't but I do like Eastwood's work of reissuing beautifully designed vintage guitars, such as this Airline 2P DLX (I just don't like the new Breadwinner but I'm a Breadwinner owner and fan, of course...).

So this guitar has the chambered mahogany body and the humbuckers specific to the Eastwood Airline model (opposed to the "Res-O-Glas" body and wide single coil pickups of the original Airlines), but is another step away from the old school one with the addition of a Jaguar trem (Eastwood usually use Bigsby trems, but don't have them on the 2P models) and a new bigger custom pickguard.

But you know, who cares about original model, when you made the guitar that suits you!

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