Sunday, 7 February 2010

Upgraded 1983 Gibson Challenger II + I

Gibson Challenger

A short-lived budget LP-shaped guitar from the early 80s, the Gibson Challenger II (there is a Challenger I with only the bridge pickup) has a bolt-on neck, a Schaller wrap-around bridge and supposedly cheap noisy humbuckers (but it feels like a mere rumor because I never found this information first-hand). The standard silver finish is very 80s (like the electric blue one I pointed out here).

Anyway, this one has been upgraded with 3 new chrome Gibson humbuckers and a Marauder pickguard - and the result looks quite good. I like these cheap flat Les Paul variations that Gibson released at some point - much more than the recent luxury Dark Fire or Dusk Tiger targeted at bankers or TV guitarists.

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