Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Antique Box/Parlour Guitar

This antique guitar built from a box, in the style of cigar-box guitars, presents us with a wonderful piece of Americana, although little is known of its origins. The seller believe that the box may have originally have been for storing silverware; admittedly it is larger than the average cigar box.

The fingerboard, headstock and top of the body have been inlaid with individually cut pieces of mother of pearl, these describing the hourglass-shaped outline of a parlour guitar on the top of the box.

The seller says that he himself has restored this piece. Apparently, when it first came to him the strings themselves had rusted away leaving lines of rust on the fingerboard. It looks like he's done a great job!

G L Wilson

ADDITIONAL (6 Feb 2010): It's a FAKE. Thanks to Mac Walker for this info.

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