Friday, 9 September 2011

1978 Fender Jazz Bass with "love it or hate it" Antigua finish
I'm not sure how many Fender Jazz Basses were produced n Antigua finish, although I know I have seen one before. I'm personally quite a fan of Fender's antigua finish, although I know many people detest it. I quite like the way that the "burst" effect is carried out also on the pickguard.

The antigua finish originally appeared in 1966, and was apparently serendipitous in that it was designed to hide a bodged finishing job. It then reappeared in the late 1970s and again in 2006 via Fender Japan. I briefly had one of the antigua Fender Japan Strats but thought the colour was too green and not "mushroom"-like enough for my tastes.

The above-pictured 1978 Fender Jazz Bass in antigua finish is currently being offered for sale on eBay with a hefty Buy It Now price of $3,088.

G L Wilson

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  1. I absolutely love that finish. I call it "slimeburst" ;-) It's especially tasty with cream pickup covers so it would be the first modification I'd perform here. Add to that a maple fingerboard with pearloid blocks and white binding (for me, a good Jazz Bass must have a maple board and 70s bridge pickup placement) and the result is a perfect Jazz Bass for me. I want this one so much.



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