Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Peavey Razer, made in USA, 1983-1986
Grégory writes:
Am I wrong, or is it real that you never had a post on your great website about the wonderful Peavey Razer guitar from the early eighties? The shape is supposed to replicate a razor, all I know is that it's really intriguing, innovative and well done.

I own one of these, built in 1983, according to the serial number. It's like a brand new unit, with some really nice ideas in it: vertical holes on the surface of the mechanics [machine heads? - GLW], so you can "plug" the string in it before you start rolling (simple idea, great improvement!), neck has no board but it is built in 2 parts of wood so it stay straight (truss rod inside anyway), Single Coil / Humbucker switch when turning down the tone knobs (you reach 7, humbucker kicks in), the bridge is in plain metal so very solid. I'm sure the guitar could survive a nuclear disaster.
Thanks Grégory. We always enjoy seeing pictures and hearing about readers' guitars. Please keep them coming in!

G L Wilson

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  1. I have a White one and I love it. Gig'd it many times



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