Thursday, 29 September 2011

Musima Lead Star superstrat

Usually when one thinks of GDR electric guitars, what comes to mind are superb and very German hollow-body jazz guitars, or these later through-the-looking-glass designs, both familiar and  askew, sometimes radically and wildly beautiful (have you seen the sublime Marma in the Guitarz 2012 calendar? what, you don't have it yet?), sometimes rough and uninspired, but all well rooted in the Continental European guitar flourishing of the 1960s that happened mostly in Italy and Germany...

Well that's what I thought so far - until I discovered this Lead Star guitar by Musima, the perfect 1980s Japanese-style superstrat with the long pointy horns, the bridge humbucker and the fancy finish - though it doesn't have a Floyd Rose trem but a classic strat one, probably a patent issue, if not a budget one...

It's one of the latest Musima electric guitar models before the post-reunification progressive collapse of the famous company. Online information starts to be a little more solid, there is now a good page on - in German but the Google instant translation isn't too bad!


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  1. o,ye i was owner of it and i was delighted,very,very good instrument,if ever i found another one i`ll buy it....



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