Saturday, 3 September 2011

Brandless Stratocaster with EMG-ESP pickups, pitch black finish and lots of chrome

For a while now (and yes, it's been a while since I've posted here, sorry, but don't worry, I've been playing guitar a lot in the meantime), I've been wanting to post about a stratocaster - even if I'm not a fan of this guitar, it would be bizarre not to show once in a while the most iconic electric guitar in history on a blog that is dedicated to all guitars. Not so easy though, because there's not often something new or exciting about strats, neither about Fender models or any of their innumerable copies or clones...

And then I saw this one! And, surprise!, I not only find it worth writing a post about, I even like it a lot, I could have one like this - yes, even with the EMG pickups. It's said to have been 'reconstructed' but it doesn't say what was the original guitar, but I assume that you don't put expensive hardware and electronics on a total cheapo. I had already noticed that a chrome pickguard makes a strat look much cooler (here), and the tele knobs make it even better (if I'm not wrong some G&L custom strats have a similar combination).

Despite its EMG pickups - clearly metal oriented - one cannot call it a superstrat, it keeps the classic design and electronics, two humbuckers strats have been introduced by Fender themselves in the 1970s as fat strats - let's say it's a heavyset strat... A super cool heavyset strat!

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