Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hohner Zambesi circa 1961 - a re-branded British-made Fenton Weill
Fenton Weill guitars were formed by Henry Weill, a former partner with Jim Burns in Burns Weill guitars. The above pictured Hohner Zambesi model was produced by Fenton Weill for Germany's Hohner company. Hohner, who were most famously producers of accordions and harmonicas, never produced their own guitars but simply re-branded instruments from other manufacturers.

This guitar was described in the catalogue thusly:
The Zambesi 333

Another fine example in this range. With a beautifully veneered body in bird's-eye maple, improved single-sided machine heads, selector, tone and volume controls to operate the highly sensitive pick-ups. Celluloid finger-plate.

Soft Cover £1.18.0 extra
I believe the "celluloid finger-plate" is the raised plate with the Zambesi name on it. Notice also the Vox-like headstock, implying that various of these early British guitar makers must have shared parts or had a common manufacturer of parts between them.

Currently listed on eBay with a starting price of £40, but beware the condition is not good; I think this will be more of a museum piece than a player.

G L Wilson

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