Sunday, 18 September 2011

1997 Fender Stratocaster "Reverse" Jimi Hendrix tribute model
Today is the 41st Anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix (18 September 1970). He was known to be quite self-effacing, so what he would have made of this Fender Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster from 1997, I don't know, but I suspect he may have been amused by it.

It's a left-handed Strat that is intended for right-handed players with an additional strap button on what would have been on the lower horn (from a leftie's perspective), and side dots on the right-handed player's side of the neck. The irony is that were a left-handed player to buy one, they'd need to invest a little time into setting it up for a left-handed player, and the lack of side dots where they'd expect them would be irritating.

Of course, it was created so that you can look a little like Hendrix in the mirror. It even has a reverse Fender Stratocaster logo on the headstock to complete the image. This must surely be the ultimate bedroom guitar.

The fact that it is a Hendrix tribute guitar is evidenced by the neck plate which bears Hendrix's image.

Of course, if you wanted a true "reverse" Strat you'd need left-handed control knobs that operate in the other direction, complete with reversed numbers and "volume" and "tone" text. You'd also need to go further and have left-handed threaded screws, and maybe even reverse wound strings... It all could get very silly.

Having said all that, and despite the fact that we at Guitarz are keen to promote guitars other than the same old usual suspects made by the biggest companies, this is a guitar that I secretly (not so secretly now, I guess) would love to own - as if I need another Strat!

This guitar is currently being offered for sale on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $2,495. It may be in excellent condition, but I feel that price is way too high. I've seen these for sale before for about a quarter of that.

G L Wilson

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  1. again the same story of " left-handed control knobs" for left-handed guitar... lefties are not reversed righties and pots dont change the way they work when mounted on lefty guitars. full on is clockwise (like a righty guitar). fender make some high end left-handed guitar with reverse pot AND knob, but in the end it is somewhat confusing and misleading for the user. the only benefit would be for violining, a rather marginal trick. WE(the lefties) still try to turn clockwise the knob for more volume like on guitar amps or hifi rigs or car radio. rednef dont make reverse twin reverb with reverse turn knob for lefties, do they ?
    sorry for the odd english, it is not because i'm a lefty, it's because i'm french!

  2. I have one. The reason I bought it was that I am a lefty who learned on righty guitars. It is already setup the way I like it. The only mod I had done was a new strap button installed on the long horn. I left the other button on it. I love the guitar. It is beautiful!


  3. I own one of these, doing my best to keep it in the closet and clean
    the outrageous asking prices online are justified, fender only produced this model for ONE year.
    hendrix estate pulled their endorsement making this one of the rarest guitars from the late 90s...

    it sounds great by the way ;D

  4. have one of these, doing my best to keep it in the closet and clean..
    the outrageous asking prices online are justified, fender only made this guitar for ONE year.
    hendrix estate pulled their endorsement, making this one of the rarest guitars from the late 90s...

    it sounds great btw ;D

  5. I have one. I love it.

  6. I have one too, superb guitar !

  7. I have one too, one of my best actually !



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