Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Azumi Nanyo subtly pointy guitar

Azumi is a very obscure Japanese guitar company, once I've written that they were (most likely) made in the Chushin Gakki factory, I've exhausted all I know about it... But looking at the sober design of this Azumi Nanyo, the neck-through-body construction and the active dual blades humbuckers, I would say it's one of these pre-metal no-nonsense guitars from the 1980s and probably a good guitar. 

I love its pointy symmetrical double cutaway, better than both the Gibson and Yamaha SGs, and its transparent black finish. When everybody is all about either super classic vintage guitars or bizarre ones, I have a soft spot for these MIJ almost vintage models - and this is one of the best I've ever seen...

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  1. I have a similar azumi. Seriously full sound with brass nut and bridge/s.

    Sounds awesome but it hurts to play, not the best balance so I kinda hold it up with my left hand. But....... It sounds awesome but nerve damage on the finger tips is not fun.

  2. I have an Azumi - it's awesome :)

    1. i own a azumi nanyo bass and i simply love it but it mistreated me cause i cant get any information about this instrument no where on the web

    2. i own an azumi nanyo bass made some time in the 80's and i want to get information and cant find any all acrosse the web is any one knows where can i get some information on a web site ps i love this bass probbly the best bass ever made for its price

  3. I bought one back in the 80's - with a tranparent finish making all woodwork visible. Love that guitar :-)

  4. Have an Azumi too - awesome. Sounds fantastic and totally reliable.

  5. My Azumi Nanyo was $890 in 1980 new.
    Pretty expensive but Wicked fast axe

  6. I have AZUMI victory single pickup andjust one vol control, its about to get a new paint job,,



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