Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Anyone for a game of Dominoes? Collection of 1960s Japanese Domino-brand guitars for sale

Introduced in 1966/67, the Domino line of guitars was created by Maurice Lipsky Music Co., an importer and distributor from New York City, using guitars built in Japan (possibly by Kawai). Designs were mainly based on European manufacturers such as Eko and Hagstrom, but with some Fender Jazzmaster influences apparent in the shape of the Domino Spartan guitar.

The twelve guitars in this collection are, from left to right: Domimo Spartan (2 pickup model), Domino Beatle Bass, Domino Californian 12-string, Domino Californian, Domino Dawson, Domino Californian Rebel (sunburst, 3 pickups), Domino Californian Rebel (white, 2 pickups), Domino Baron 12-string, Domino Fireball, Domino Baron, Domino Hawk, and Domino Olympic Bass.

The entire collection, which also includes a Domino Combo King electric organ, is currently being offered for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $11,000.

G L Wilson

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