Monday, 19 September 2011

François shows us his self-built "Frankenstein" bass
François writes:

Firstly, excuse my English, I'm a regular reader from Nantes, France.

My bass has been in constant amelioration for the last 2 years, but I'm really satisfied with its current state, so I thougt I might send some pictures for your blog, you might be interested!

The body is originally made from a cheap 30€ short-scale accoustic guitar, that has been cut in half to achieve a semi-accoustic bass thickness. It was consolidated with pieces of wood inside, and we just had to add a new back!

The neck, pickup and hardware come from a rather ugly Stagg bass I already had.
The upper horn was added one year later, after we decided that the shape and the balance of the instrument would be greatly improved by it. It's made mostly of MDF, and foam!

I took the inspiration for the colour scheme from a Harmony acoustic guitar I saw on the Internet, maybe on your very blog, with a blue pickguard matching the headstock.

After some trouble setting the action, and a few shims added to the neck, it now sounds quite good, with a nice resonant sound coming from the hollow body, reminding me of some Danelectro basses!

My brother and I are quite proud of this build, and me of him who did most of the building work!


Thank you for allowing us to see these pictures, François. It looks to be a very interesting project and the ultimate design is indeed quite pleasing to the eye (obviously I cannot comment on the sound or playability).

Below we see a montage of pictures showing the "genesis" of François's bass: its acoustic guitar and Stagg bass donors plus its early "hornless" incarnation.

Please keep those stories and photos of your own guitars and basses coming in, folks!

G L Wilson

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