Saturday, 3 September 2011

Farnell Electra-lite - a guitar utilizing an intriguing and innovative construction
The eBay seller calls this a Farnell UltraLite (and manages to spell it three different ways throughout the listing) but from what I can make out on the Farnell website, it's actually a Farnell Electra-lite (unless they changed the name), designed by Al Farnell, although it looks to me as if he's taken a Strat template as a starting point and made various edits to it. However, the appearance of the guitar isn't the clever part - it's what's inside that makes it innovative. To quote from the badly written Farnell website:
The New Farnell Electra-lite Series Guitar features a unique patent-applied for guitar that consists of a molded body made of High Impact Polystyrene which enables unbelievable sustain, attack, major tone enhancement and extremely strong!!

The Wooden insert and the other design features of the Farnell patented process provides for low-end bass tones. The durable Polystyrene/composite casing provides for incredible high-end to overall tone and strength.
However, the proof would be in the playing, I guess. But it's an interesting concept.

Currently being offered for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of £499.

G L Wilson

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