Friday, 29 July 2011

1960 Bartell doubleneck - looking a bit Mosritey perhaps?
We've looked at the creations of Paul Barth before here on Guitarz. This Barth 6+12 doubleneck does not have the elegance of his celebrated but hard to track down Black Widow guitars but is no doubt even rarer. There is more than a hint of Mosrite to it - not surprising when you learn of the links between Paul Barth and Mosrite's Semi Moseley (they had worked together at Rickenbacker and later a quantity of Black Widow guitars were produced by Mosrite), but the whole guitar does have the look of an instrument that has been thrown together from whatever spare parts were lying around. Witness the shape of the control plates and the pickguards - those on the upper six-string neck have no reason to follow the body contours that they would on a single-necked guitar. Note also that the necks look identical - the six-string headstock looks huge and appears to be the same size as its 12-string twin.

Thanks to Mark Rubel who spotted this one on eBay where it is currently being offered for sale with a Buy It Now price of $2,495.

G L Wilson

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