Friday, 15 July 2011

Mosrite, Mosrite, Mosrite, who can resist to a Mosrite?

We've been showing our share of cool Mosrite axes on Guitarz (a.o. herehere and here) but not their most classic and famous model, and I cannot do better than to do it with this über-lovely Mosrite Venture Royal Mark I (I'm not sure of the official order of all these names) mid-90s reissue of a 1964 model...

You all know about the characteristic longer lower horn, the slanted P90 style neck pickup, the round pickguard, it's been copied so many times, so I will just focus on the impressive Mosrite trem (yes I'm still in my vintage trem fetish phase), it's not only quite unique, it also survived where so many models gave up and let us with FenderFloyd Rose and Bigsby and that's all...

I think that I will go out now and rob some helpless old lady so I can finally get me a Mosrite.

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