Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Another guitar from Mathias Lerche, this time it's a beauty in Wenge
Hi Gavin

Thanks a lot for you post on my alu and walnut guitars back in December. I really enjoyed the feedback from you and the few comments that followed.

I've just finished the third edition in wenge (one of 4) and I hope it's worthy of a second post.

The whole shape has been scaled up slightly and a lot of attention has been given to the back to make it more coherent and smooth. The head has been added some facets and the tuning gears changed. The neck is fastened with machine bolts keeping the strap holder on the top right one. On the front the bridge and pick up have been countersunk to be flush with the surface of the guitar. The sustainer was difficult to add but I managed to fit in two batteries in the electronics compartment that also holds volume, sustainer mode and coil tap pots.

Still enjoy your blog daily!
All the best
Mathias Lerche

[More photos in the comments - G L Wilson]

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