Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Teisco "GPO" semi-hollowbody in green flame

Following on from yesterday's post featuring an outrageously over-priced Japanese-made 1960s Teisco guitar, today I want to show you another Teisco from the same period which has been priced much more realistically - bidding is currently at $224.72 with 15 hours left to go as I type this. The seller tells us that this is a:
...1960s era made in Japan Teisco GPO made for Crown Imports Pasadena. A green flamer to behold, all original very clean with the exception of a missing pick guard and tremolo arm. Structurally fine bolt on cosmetically very nice. Teisco made high quality MIJ with the good Teisco pickups. No modifications breaks or repairs, straight neck with working truss rod. All original working electronics. Neck angle fine but could improve with a shim at set up. This instrument has not been restrung or set we recommend it to be at its best. The guitar is void of any problems with set up this green beauty will be a fine playing, attractive and affordable vintage guitar. No case.
Now that's more like it, an honest appraisal of the instrument, rather than the BS that the seller of the guitar we looked at yesterday was giving us. Funny also that yesterday's Teisco was supposedly "Martian Burst" and this far more interesting green flame doesn't have a ridiculous Sci-Fi-esque name.

However, I am rather curious about the GPO branding (General Post Office?) which makes me feel instinctively that the guitar ought to be in bright Post Office red.

G L Wilson

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  1. I have the exact same guitar in a sunburst finnish. It is also missing it's pickguard and trem arm as well as the original bridge. There's no branding on it at all though but this is often the case with Japanese guitars as far as I understand. It's one of my favourite guitars.

    Gr. Jef



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