Saturday, 30 July 2011

Military Gas Can "Dobro"

Mark Rubel from Pogo Studio in  Champaign, IL, tells us:
I’ve got a delightful bluegrass/country client named Tex Wynn, a retired machinist now in his 80s. He restores Model T Fords and is an expert on Native American arrowheads. He’s built a number of these fun instruments, including a bass with a Precision neck on two gas cans welded together end to end, on an endpin with a golf ball on the end. Tex also built a concert grand washtub bass, which looks kind of like a coffin with a horizontal washtub and a beer puller to tension the clothesline.

This fine example sounds good, and the Teisco neck is unbendable if not precisely placed. The clothes line strap is a nice touch. The tone is actually different when the cap is on. I tell clients that it gets 34 notes per gallon, 45 highway.
Thanks, Mark, for letting us see that (and some of your other guitars that we will no doubt be looking at again on this blog).

Please keep those guitar photos coming in, folks, and don't forget that we're looking for submissions for our Guitarz Calendar 2012.

G L Wilson

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