Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ibanez Eagle Bass: the lovechild of a Burns Bison and a Fender Jazz Bass maybe?
This Ibanez Model 2609B Eagle Bass from 1977 is one of a limited edition made between 1975 and 1977. Ibanez were just emerging from their "copy" phase during which they produced many high quality clones of Fender and Gibson guitars and basses; however the Eagle Bass, whilst based on the Fender Jazz Bass template, has been evolved beyond a mere copy with an injection of a Burns-esque design aesthetic plus some other fancy details. A feature I particularly like is the cut-out detail on the headstock.

The pickguard is apparently clear plastic with the eagle design picked out in pearloid on the underside and engraved on the top-side. Note also the intricate inlays on the maple fingerboard.

Thanks to Greg Cadman who brought this to my attention via our Facebook page.

G L Wilson

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