Monday, 11 July 2011

Teisco in "Martian Burst" finish (allegedly)
This 1960s Japanese Teisco guitar appears to be in very good condition with all original parts present and current. The seller claims that this was a short-run finish known as "Martian Burst". Well, I have a couple of issues with that. First of all, the finish is in reality rather tame and not exactly "out of this world". It's just a sunburst finish with a slight greenish tinge to it. I wouldn't think it'd warrant as grandiose a name as "Martian Burst", but who knows, perhaps that's what the Teisco collectors call it.

Secondy, how can I be expected to believe an eBay seller who lists this guitar as a:  
RARE TEISCO GREEN "martian" BURST Vintage guitar strat
Strat? Whoah! Where did that come from? Does the seller honestly believe that this guitar resembles a Stratocaster? All it has in common, really, is that it's an asymmetrically-designed solidbody with twin cutaways. Only a fool or someone who knows zero about guitars could ever call this a "Strat".

Despite the nice condition of this piece, with a Buy It Now price of $999 this is definitely one to file under "Optimistic sellers".

G L Wilson

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