Friday, 15 July 2011

1990s Melobar doubleneck with Telecaster neck and angled Melobar neck for slide playing
We've looked at Melobar guitars here before several times. For those new to the concept they allow the steel guitar player to stand up and move around the stage by having a 45-degree angled neck mounted onto a slab body.

However, here we see a doubleneck with regular 6-string Tele-style neck at the top and a 6-string Melobar steel at the bottom. Note the way in which the necks are angled to allow the player unhindered access to the slide neck.

This particular pearloid-covered example has been listed on eBay UK (although the item for sale is actually located in The Netherlands) and has a But It Now price of £2,500.

Why do I feel that someone is about to mention Junior Brown and his Guit-Steel in the comments?

G L Wilson

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